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Prestashop 1.5-1.6 User manual

User manual for the Przelewy24 Prestashop 1.5-1.6 plugin

1. Plugin installation

1. Download the new module available at http://www.przelewy24.pl/pobierz
2. Go to "Modules and Services"
3. If an older Przelewy24 plugin is installed, please delete it.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 1.png

4. Choose the "Add a new module" option.
5. Click on "Choose a file", indicate the location of the previously downloaded plugin and click “Upload this module”

Prestashop 1 6 manual 2.png

6. From Przelewy24 plugin menu choose "Install"

Prestashop 1 6 manual 3.png

7 After successful installation, choose the "Configure" option.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 4.png

8 If plugin settings are not there, complete it. If necessary, basic configuration data (Merchant ID, Store ID and the CRC key) can be found in Przelewy24 Panel (https://panel.przelewy24.pl), under “My Data”.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 5.png

9 The przelewy24 plugin can process transactions in test (sandbox) mode. If you want to make test transactions, please set „Module mode” to „test” and enter CRC key from sandbox panel (https://sandbox.przelewy24.pl/panel). Please remember to change CRC key into production one after disabling test mode.
10If Przelewy24 payment method is not shown on the payment gateways list or Przelewy24 plugin works incorrectly, refresh Prestashop cache. To do this, go to "Advenced Parameters"->"Performance" tab and in "Smarty" field choose options:
Template compilation: Force compilation
Cache: No

Prestashop 1 6 manual 22.png

11. Make test order in your shop and pay for it (for example in the sandbox mode) to check if everything works fine and generate correct cache. After test transaction change "Smarty" setting to default:
Template compilation: Recompile templates if the files have been updated
Cache: Yes

2. Additional functions

To get access to the additional configuration of the Przelewy24 plugin, please enter „API key” on the plugin tab. You can find API key in the Przelewy24 panel, in „My data” tab. Before start using API, please enter the IP address of your server in „IP address” field in „My data” tab. If you do not need accurate IP address, please enter % in this field.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 6.png

Woocommerce 2 manual 11.png

2.1 Show summary on confirmation page

With this option checked, the order summary will be shown after choosing a payment method (before redirection to the banks form).

Prestashop 1 6 manual 8.png

2.2 Status before completing payment

Status selected in Przelewy24 plugin configuration in „Status before completing payment” field will be set as a status of an order paid by Przelewy24 before payment confirmation.

2.3 Status after completing payment

Status selected in Przelewy24 plugin configuration in „Status after completing payment” field will be set as a status of an order paid by Przelewy24 after payment confirmation.

2.4 Order validation (change cart to order)

This setting controls when a cart is cleaned. There are three options:

  • Transaction verification
  • order confirmation
  • after click Confirm button

Warning! The order in Prestashop system will appear when the cart is cleaned, on according to the above setting.

2.5 Wait for the result of the transaction

After setting this option, a customer will be redirected to the shop page after payment only if payment confirmation is received and payment is booked.

2.6 Oneclick payments

Selecting this option allows customer to pay via saved credit cards with one click. After choosing the oneclick option, during the credit card payment, reference id is saved and next transactions could be processed based on this reference id. A customer can pay by saved card without entering card data again. A customer could manage saved cards in „My Account” tab.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 9.png

2.6.1 Payments inside shop

After selecting this option, the possibility of pay by credit card without leaving shop page shows. After choosing credit card payment method, a customer will see the form with fields to enter card data. When payment is finished, reference id will be saved to process next oneclick transactions.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 10.png

2.6.2 Default memorize the card?

After selecting this option, the checkbox on an order summary about remembering cards will be selected by default.

2.7 Acceptation of Przelewy24 conditions

With this option, a customer will be able to accept Przelewy24 terms of use inside the shop. The appropriate checkbox will be shown after choosing Przelewy24 as a payment method.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 11.png

2.8 Installment Settings

  • Hide all – installment will not be shown
  • Button (payment page) – installment payment methods will be shown as separate methods on a checkout
  • Button (payment page) and installments calculator (product page) - installment payment methods will be shown as separate methods on a checkout and link to the calculator will be shown on a product page

2.9 Adjust the time limit for completion of the transaction

Default transaction time limit is 15 minutes. With this option, the merchant can change this value and adjust the limit or remove it completely. The value in this field should be between 0 and 99. Entering 0 (zero minutes) will remove the limit.

2.10 Custom module description

Description entered in this field will be shown next to the payment method.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 12.png

Prestashop 1 6 manual 13.png

2.11 Show available payment methods in shop

Selecting this option allows showing payment methods inside shop page. Merchant affects the order of each payment methods and can arrange them freely. There is an option to divide payment methods into methods visible immediately and methods visible after click „more” button. To do that, you should drag-and-drop selected methods into marked area.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 14.png

Prestashop 1 6 manual 15.png

Prestashop 1 6 manual 16.png

2.11.1 Use graphics list of payment methods

With this option, a merchant can change payment methods presentation way. The unchecked option will show payment methods in a shop as a text list.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 17.png

Prestashop 1 6 manual 18.png

2.12 How to display logo on a list of payment gateways

This option controls how the Przelewy24 logo is shown on the payment gateways list. For most templates, the logo will be shown correctly in the default settings, however, for some templates (for example One page checkout) change to the "display as separate image" is necessary.

2.13 Promote some payment methods

Payment methods chosen in this setting will be shown as separate payment gateways (next to the Przelewy24)

Prestashop 1 6 manual 19.png

2.14 Enable extra charge

Przelewy24 plugin allows a merchant to add an additional fee to the transaction processed by Przelewy24.

After saving the plugin configuration, to the order processed with Przelewy24, the amount calculated in accordance with the plugin settings will be added. If value increase option and percentage increase option are set both, the higher amount will be added. Customer will be informed about an additional fee on the payment page.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 20.png

2.15 Extra discount settings

With this option, Merchant is able to lower amount of the transaction processed with Przelewy24.

For this kind of transactions, amount discount or percent discount can be added. The customer will be informed of this fact on the payment page.

Prestashop 1 6 manual 21.png

3. Contact us

In case of any problems with installation or usage of Przelewy24 plugin, please contact our technical service via e-mail on serwis@przelewy24.pl or via phone +48 61 642 93 43.