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Drupal Commerce 7.x User manual

Plugin for Drupal Commerce 7.x - User manual

1. Installing the plugin

1. Download the latest version of the Drupal Commerce 7.x plugin from https://www.przelewy24.pl/pobierz#wtyczki
2. Select the tab "Site settings" -> "Advanced settings" -> "Modules".
3. Choose the option "Install a new module"

Drupal commerce7 en 2.png

4. Use the option "Upload a module or theme archive to install" and indicate the location of the Przelewy24 plugin file.

Drupal commerce7 en 3.png

5. Confirm the operation by pressing the "Install" button.

Drupal commerce7 en 4.png

6. You will be notified by the Update manager about the success of the installation. To return to the module list select "Enable newly added modules".

Drupal commerce7 en 5.png

7. After correct installation, search for Przelewy24 plugin, turn it on and confirm with "Save configuration".

Drupal commerce7 en 6.png

2. Plugin configuration

1. Select the "Store settings" tab -> "Payment methods".

Drupal commerce7 en 7.png

2. In the "Disabled payment methods rules" section, find the Przelewy24 plugin and enable it.

Drupal commerce7 en 8.png

3. Confirm, that you are sure to want disable the reaction rule Przelewy24.

Drupal commerce7 en 9.png

4. The plugin is now in the "Enabled payment methods rules" section. Find it and choose "edit."

Drupal commerce7 en 10.png

5. In the "Actions" section, edit the "Enable payment method: Przelewy24" element

Drupal commerce7 en 11.png

6. In the "Payment settings" section, fill the appropriate configuration fields. Remember that the test and production modes require different CRC keys.

Drupal commerce7 en 17.png

3. Payment using the Przelewy24 plugin

1. A correctly configured plugin will be displayed as an available payment method during the purchase.

Drupal commerce7 en 12.png

2. In the next step, the customer is asked to confirm the order. After confirmation, it will be redirected to the list of available payment methods.

Drupal commerce7 en 13-popr.png

list of payment methods:

Drupal commerce7 en 16.png

3. After completing the payment on the bank's website, the customer receives the following message:

Drupal commerce7 en 14.png

4. In the administration panel, correctly paid order looks like this below. The order status has been changed. The information about payment is placed in the lower right corner.

Drupal commerce7 en 15.png

4. Contact us

In case of any problems with installation or usage of Przelewy24 plugin, please contact our technical service via e-mail on serwis@przelewy24.pl or via phone +48 61 642 93 43.